Conference & Business Meeting Organising

The act of organising conferences can be hectic especially for a first timer. There are a number of issues that can easily skip your mind and therefore contribute to a miserable experience for your clients. Conferences as well as business networking meeting have their good and bad points. While it may be expensive to hire a conference organiser, there are ways in which they can help you in delivering the best conferences.

Extra information about business networking meeting


It all boils down to the networks you have as an individual or organisation. In conferencing, you outsource quite a number of services for example, catering and entertainment. To get the best from the vendors you outsource the work to, you will need to use your networks to get them. A vendor who has worked with your conference organiser before understands how he or she works and therefore is less likely to provide substandard goods and services. It makes it easier to get suppliers of goods and services once you know someone within the industry. The organiser will also assist with contract negotiations for all the other services providers simplifying your work immensely.

If your event requires media coverage, the organisers have worked with different media houses before and therefore, they will be of great help in getting the media houses to attend your event. Since the media houses may also advertise your event, you are more likely to get better rates when working with an organiser. However, you may also get good rates if you have built your own networks in this area.


A conference organiser specialises in delivering world class experiences. While this may not sound substantial, the experience gained from one conference to another is a valuable skill that can only be possessed by specialised people. This experience ensures that the conference is though through thoroughly and that everything works as planned. They know the loopholes to avoid and the signs to look for to determine the likelihood of success or failure. They are therefore best suited to help with your conference.

Vendor management

One major headache for people as they try to organise events is the vendor management aspect. This also boils down to relationships. The conference organiser will take this over and ensure that everything is provided precisely when it is required. However, you need to be careful not to be overcharged or double charged for certain goods or services. But having the organiser deal with the vendors also minimises chances of double instructions and therefore minimises chances of failure and blame games.

Marketing and sales

Some event organisers will take over marketing and sales. While this may work for some organisations or for a given type of event, it may not necessarily work for all. Therefore, caution should be exercised. However, most organisers are seasoned marketers and sales people. They will get you the required number of attendees with ease. They may also take up negotiation of partnerships and sponsorships but if you would like them to do so. You will only be required to supervise the work and to offer advice on how to make the event much better.

The organisers can also help you with coming up with the end of conference reports and evaluations, develop or modify the event programme to suit the type of event, assist or advise on logistical arrangements among other services. If you were sceptical about it, think of all the benefits that would accrue from working with the vent organiser and make an informed decision.